At Little Valley Weddings, we understand you have a passion for planning. And a desire for everything to come together beautifully. You just need a little direction along the way.

That's simply not the case.

There's a common misconception that to have a luxurious wedding, you need a full-service planner and designer. 

A Luxurious Twist to Wedding Management



We'll start by listening to your vision and ideas. We'll "pull" options based on your needs and style. And we'll provide our professional recommendations.

Then, we'll make sure your entire ensemble comes together cohesively ― leaving you with an overall personalized and pleasant experience.

Think of us like a personal shopper.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

― Mallory, Bride

Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence blew everyone away. Our day was absolutely breathtaking. Not enough words to express how amazing this team was!

KELLY AND HER TEAM went above and beyond

What starts with your vision ends with an unforgettable wedding day.

Celebrate exceptional

Unlike other planners who begin working with you one to two months before your wedding, we start {6} months prior to your wedding. 

We'll begin by learning about your vision. Not only so we can bring it to life, but so we can build a foundation of trust. And so that you can gain confidence in our ability to help you along the way.

From there, we'll work with you to create a checklist based on what you need to accomplish throughout your planning journey. And review that checklist together, along with answering any pressing questions, on our scheduled monthly calls.

Connecting With Your Vision


What we OFFER

While you may have experience planning events, weddings are a whole different entity. Especially, if you're planning a destination wedding in Colorado ― where you likely know few vendors and have limited resources.

As locals of Vail since 2002, we've worked with the top venues and vendors in and around the area. So, should you need help with recommendations, we'll ponder who is the best fit. Then, we'll provide you with options to choose from based on your style, budget, and availability.

As we approach your wedding day, we'll review your proposal and contracts to ensure everything is accounted for ― and that there are no surprises day-of. And we'll create an organized and detailed schedule for each event to ensure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

Guiding You Through The Unknowns

What we OFFER

As your primary on-site contact, we will meticulously oversee the logistics of your wedding day to make sure it's a successful and enjoyable one.

We'll coordinate transportation for you, your family, and your guests so that everyone is on time and in the correct location. We'll supervise vendor set up and tear down. And we'll assist with the placement and packing of rental and personalized items.

As your last line of defense, you can blissfully enjoy your wedding day knowing that we will help you finalize details. Which, after 16-years of planning high-end events, comes quite naturally to us.

Managing Your Wedding Day

What we OFFER

― Carli, Bride

One of the best decisions I made for my wedding! Hire this team immediately so that your wedding planning days can be less stressful and way more enjoyable. They will listen to what you want and executes it beyond your expectations.

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