For most couples, planning a destination wedding comes with challenges. (Frankly planning any wedding has its challenges!) But between worrying about local vendors and logistics to whether or not guests will be able to travel and attend, it’s no secret that a destination wedding can add another unwelcome set of concerns.

March 14, 2022

Combine all of that with the current worldwide health crisis, and couples are wondering:

  • “Is it feasible to still have the dream wedding I’ve always envisioned?”
  • “How am I going to be able to create an exceptional experience for our guests while making sure everyone is safe?”
  • “Will we even be able to find a wedding planner who understands what they’re going through and help make everything work?”
  • “Should we downsize, postpone or cancel our wedding?”

Perhaps like you, these are just some of the concerns Carli and Cade had when they reached out to us about planning their Colorado destination wedding in Vail. And like many couples, ultimately ended up postponing their wedding from August 2020 to 2021. 

But not only did Carli and Cade end up postponing their wedding, they decided they couldn’t wait a whole year before making their marriage legal… And decided to host an intimate wedding back home in Louisiana in the interim.  

Now, it was our job to plan two weddings — One a destination for us and the other a destination for them. 

It was a challenge we were eager to take on. 

As we began talking through the logistics for their Louisiana celebration, it was clear that keeping as close to the original plan as possible was a priority: Lots of bright flowers, an amazing photographer, a fun reception.

Our team got to work making design boards so the couple would have a visual representation of their ideal day. And we did everything we could to be a kind of healing balm to their wedding-day worries. 

In the end, we made their second wedding vision a reality. 

And look forward to doing so again this Summer.

The Benefit That Came From COVID-19

Carli and Cade got ready at Carli’s parent’s home in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Carli loved being able to put on her wedding gown in her parent’s bathroom, as it was where she got dressed for many of the important events throughout her life. 

From there, the couple and wedding party made their way to the Saint Francis de Sales Cathedral in Houma. And although they did a first look, Carli rode separately with her parents, best friends, sister, and childhood babysitter in a limo to the church.

One of the blessings of having this wedding in Louisiana was having Carli’s childhood babysitter, Mrs. Fay or Zay, as she called her, attend. Being 77-years old, Mrs. Fay wasn’t going to be able to make it to the Colorado wedding. “She was like a grandmother to me,” Carli said. “And I was so sad she wasn’t going to be there for the wedding.”

Mrs. Fay not only was able to attend the celebration, she escorted Carli’s childhood best friend down the aisle. “Having her there was by far the greatest blessing. She has been there for everything and she means the absolute world to me.” 

Cue the waterworks!

Baby, You’re a Firework

The couple held their reception at Carli’s parents’ home. And among one of the most memorable moments of the wedding weekend — The firework show that took place in the backyard.

We set up socially-distanced benches in the backyard for guests, and Carli and Cade sat on a swing built by the same man who built Carli’s family home. 

To-go boxes filled with delicious food were given to each guest, and everyone enjoyed popcorn while watching the fireworks display.  

Nothing Can Rain on Love’s Parade

Yes, we won’t lie, there were a few bumps in the road. Like, the four torrential thunderstorms that came down when it was forecasted to be a sunny, beautiful day. It’s reasons like that we always have a plan b!

And although we had a plan b, to our benefit, the rain stopped just in time for the reception fireworks. Not even storm clouds, thunderstorms or a pandemic could rain on Carli and Cade’s parade.

From One Bride to Another

Carli offers two pieces of sage wisdom to others who are starting to plan their weddings during this time of uncertainty:

1. Remember it’s ultimately about being married. It’s so easy to get caught up in the tiny details, but speaking as a girl who had to change almost everything about her wedding day, the best feeling is walking down the aisle as a married couple. It’s truly an awesome feeling. 

2. Have time for just you and your partner before the reception. One of my favorite memories is just sitting with Cade alone in our limo bus and happily talking and smiling about finally being married. I will cherish that moment forever.

To Carli and Cade from Little Valley Weddings

We have been working together for almost two years now and although we have had some pretty big hurdles to climb, we are still so honored to be alongside you both and helping you create the celebration you both deserve.

One down, one to go!


Ceremony venue: Saint Francis de Sales Cathedral

Reception venue: Private Residence

Caterer: Premier Catering & Events Inc.

Photographer: Rachel Havel Photography

Florist: Designs by Connie

Entertainment: Teddy Baudoin, Pianist

Hair and makeup artist: Aerial Coupel

Suits: Indochino

Gowns: Oscar de la Renta

Stationery: Scriptura

Rentals, Lighting, Coordination: Angie Thibdeaux, Ta-Dah Decorators & Coordinators

Dessert: Aquarius Cakes & Pasteries

Transportation: Foxy’s Limo Service Inc

Fireworks: Champ’s Fireworks

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