Debunking “Day of Coordination”

October 19, 2023

“Day of Coordination” is indeed a term commonly used in the event planning and wedding industry. It refers to a service where a professional event planner or coordinator helps manage and oversee the details of an event, particularly on the day of the event itself. While the name may imply that the coordination only happens on the day of the event, in practice, it often involves several months of preparation leading up to the event day.

It’s impossible for a planner to just show up for the day of the wedding and run a flawless event. With all of the details that take you a year or more to plan, why would you want to chance that on someone you hire for the “day of”? 

The aim of “Day of Coordination” is to guarantee a seamless event on the actual day. To achieve this, experienced professional planners typically work alongside the couple, starting as early as a month, two months, or even six months prior to the event. This extended planning period is essential to meticulously handle the multitude of details that must be addressed, as the notion of merely showing up on the “Day Of” is inadequate for a successful outcome.


We do not offer or recommend.


The term “month-of coordination” generally pertains to a service offered by wedding planners or event coordinators, also known as “day-of coordination.” This service is intended to assist couples who are actively planning their weddings but wish to have a professional step in to manage the logistical and organizational details during the crucial weeks leading up to the wedding.

The goal of “month of coordination” is to relieve the couple of the stress and responsibilities on their wedding day, allowing them to enjoy the moment without worrying about the logistics. It’s also a more affordable option than partial planning/wedding management and full wedding planning services, as the wedding planner’s involvement is concentrated on the final month and the wedding day itself.

But you have to ask yourself, is this enough time to get everything done in a short amount of time?


Why we at Little Valley Weddings think’s Partial Planning/Wedding Management a better choice than “Day of Coordination” or “Month Of Coordination”?

Partial Planning/Wedding Management is effective when both you and the planner have a clear understanding of your needs. While it can certainly alleviate some planning responsibilities, it can become a bit challenging when couples realize they require more support than initially anticipated. Therefore, when reaching out to a planner, don’t hesitate to disclose your current planning stage, your booked vendors, your wedding budget, and the reasons for seeking their assistance. Drawing on 16 years of professional planning experience, I can attest that sharing this information is essential for us to determine the additional services required to help you successfully navigate the entire planning journey.

Partial planning or wedding management is an ideal choice for clients who have a clear design vision, a passion for planning, and a genuine enthusiasm for the process. However, they may require some expert guidance and prefer regular in-person meetings. Most importantly, this option allows you ample time to establish a strong rapport with your planner, observe their collaboration style, and ensure that there’s sufficient time to accomplish everything for a truly outstanding experience.

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